Do You Own Property next to highways, busy streets or well-used roads?

Do you have an old inactive billboard on your property?

Would you like to make $$$ without any effort?

We’ve got the know-how and resources to make this a hassle-free, rewarding, and profitable proposition. It’s a lot easier than you think, and we’re ready to answer any questions you might have. So, talk with Tayco soon!

We’re always looking to grow our signage network. By expanding our inventory onto your property, you, as a landowner, will benefit in many ways:


  • Receive regular payments
  • 100% CASH FLOW
  • Increase your property’s value
  • No risks to you
  • Tayco manage and oversee the entire project -including applications/permits, installation, and the advertising sales
  • The process is safe, professional and done right first time
  • We pay all insurances
  • We maintain the billboard/signage structure
  • We conduct regular property maintenance around the billboard/sign (IE: Mowing weeding etc.)
  • As farmers in a previous life, we’re very respectful about coming onto your property (i.e. opening and closing gates, taking rubbish away and not leaving tracks in the land around the billboard or sign site etc.)

Let’s get started

One simple phone call is all it takes. First, we’ll research your property making sure that it is eligible according to council, state and federal regulations. We’d then like to meet with you so we can work together to make this opportunity a reality.

Landowners enquiry form

Hannah, Gladstone QLD

We do business with Tayco through both Billboards and Airport Advertising and have developed a relationship that focuses on delivering outcomes and results. We cannot speak highly enough of the fantastic levels of service that they provide!


Justin, Goondiwindi QLD

Advertising is one thing, but return on investment through effective advertising is where our campaigns put us every time doing business with Tayco Outdoor Advertising!

jack, bundaberg qld

We have tried a lot of advertising, however when it comes to doing a campaign with Tayco it’s all about BIG impact for a minimal outlay. We been advertising with Tayco for over 5 years and we’re going to keep on keeping on. Good on you Tayco!

john, gympie qld

We looked at all the other outdoor media companies and when it came to value for money, prime locations and the ease of doing business with a company that knows local and rural businesses well… We couldn’t go past Tayco!

tayco is SERvice focused

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