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Tayco believes that the key to success in advertising is “Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer lasting, works with less media spending required, and it builds fans faster.”

But are creative ads more effective in inspiring people to do business with you? Researchers tell Tayco that creative messages get more attention and lead to positive attitudes about the brands, services and products being marketed.
Our marketing strategists confirm our thinking that creativity matters: Overall, more-creative campaigns are more effective—considerably so!

Irrespective of what your ROI (Return on Investment) expectation is with OOH (Out Of Home advertising), at Tayco we make an impact because LESS IS MORE, BIG IS BETTER!

Rod Taylor

General Manager

Effective marketing tells a story about your business, brand or event and gives your customers a reason to turn to you instead of your competitors.

It’s a vital part of your business or event operations and something you should look at from the beginning of your business/event journey and continue to redefine over the years ahead.

I started Tayco over 15 years ago and I would like to share our expertise and experiences with you so we can help grow your brand, business or event well into the future!

SCOTT Taylor

Sales Manager
Scott and his sales team manage a diverse and broad client portfolio that relies on Tayco’s strategic approach helping deliver results above expectation every time.

Over two decades of experience, coupled with an unmatched connection and understanding of regional and rural markets, Tayco’s sales and marketing team is standing by, ready to assist you get some runs on the board with your next campaign.

Helen Taylor

Administration Manager

Client – Supplier relationships are vital to the strength of any business and when you have a strategic marketing company like Tayco covering as much of the eastern seaboard as we do, it is very important to protect those relationships and that, amongst other things, is Helen Taylor’s key focus at Tayco Outdoor & Airport Advertising.

Professional processes, best practice and building solid relationships at all levels of the customer experience is critical for Tayco!

Do Business with tayco?

Tayco Outdoor & Airport Advertising is a family run, independent advertising and marketing company serving regional and rural markets in Queensland and northern New South Wales!

Our approach is a collaborative one, offering fresh and innovative solutions to a variety of clients in government, mining, tourism, education, commerce, agriculture, business and retail. We’re big supporters of the communities that we serve.

Position your event, brand or business now with help from Tayco!

Massive Reach + Big Impact + Build Brand + Instant Recognition + Awareness/Education + Engagement + Build Trust

Hannah, Gladstone QLD

We do business with Tayco through both Billboards and Airport Advertising and have developed a relationship that focuses on delivering outcomes and results. We cannot speak highly enough of the fantastic levels of service that they provide!


Justin, Goondiwindi QLD

Advertising is one thing, but return on investment through effective advertising is where our campaigns put us every time doing business with Tayco Outdoor Advertising!

jack, bundaberg qld

We have tried a lot of advertising, however when it comes to doing a campaign with Tayco it’s all about BIG impact for a minimal outlay. We been advertising with Tayco for over 5 years and we’re going to keep on keeping on. Good on you Tayco!

john, gympie qld

We looked at all the other outdoor media companies and when it came to value for money, prime locations and the ease of doing business with a company that knows local and rural businesses well… We couldn’t go past Tayco!

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