Ok I’m interested… where to from here?

  • Talk with Tayco – Let’s get cracking, let’s get you a proposal
  • Airport Ads/Billboard Ads/Mobile Billboard Ads or Digital Ads? Let’s talk about what will work for you!
  • What location (How does that location suit your campaign strategy)?
  • Who is your audience?
  • When do you need to advertise?
  • What’s your campaign – Generic Branding or Call to Action?
  • What do you want to achieve – Sales, Awareness or both?
  • What does Tayco’s Investment look like? – 1) Rental 2) Print & Installation 3) Artwork
  • What are the rental terms – Long term or Short term?
  • What next? We’ll send you – Our Proposal – Site Cards – Support Info
  • How do I renew my contract?
  • Where now? – Let’s talk!


Let’s discuss what you’re thinking.

You know your business/event and we know our stuff – together we can build ‘effective’!

Here are some tips to consider:


  • Six Words or Less is Ideal
  • Get Noticed, But Don’t Be a Huge Distraction
  • Be Smart, But Not Over the Top
  • Don’t Say It, Show It
  • Avoid Repetition
  • Keep It Simple
  • Be Wary of Logo Size
  • Do The ‘Arm’s Length’ Test
  • View Times can be Quick

Print and install

First stop is the artwork. When that is completed, it’s time to bring the campaign to life through Tayco’s ‘Print and Installation’ process!

 ! Your artwork is digitally printed onto a heavy-duty vinyl material (referred to as a skin) printed to the exact size of your billboard.

Things to consider are a) length of your billboard contract or b) advertising campaign

Standard Skin

These skins have a superior coating that extends the life and responds better to weather exposure. The Tayco smooth surface gives you a top end, quality finish. This product has a 3-year warranty against fading of inks and skin degradation.

Short-Term Skin

These skins are better suited to campaigns that have a narrow shelf life and are printed on a material called general purpose vinyl. These suit campaigns with a maximum 1-year life span.

Reflective SKin

Stay front and centre with your customers day and night 365 days a year with a reflective skin. These skins are designed to reflect the light from vehicles as they travel our streets and highways at any time. A Tayco reflective skin comes with a 3-year warranty against fading of inks and skin degradation.

GP Signage

These are designed not only for billboards but are also great for use with general signage – like banners, shop fronts and fence wraps. Warranties include 2 years and is a high quality vinyl featuring a high resolution print.

Extensions or overlays

Billboard extensions and overlays give your campaign some additional perspective and help to bring your artwork to life utilising 3D, cut-outs, vinyl overlays and reflective lettering. Talk to Tayco about an extension or overlay for your campaign – you are only limited by your imagination!

MEDIA OPTIONS – LEt’s compare

Out of home Ads versus the others… Let Tayco assist you to convert more prospects into customers. Assisted conversions measure the interactions that occur before customers complete an enquiry or purchase. Each of these has their own unique value and businesses are certainly becoming increasingly aware of the need to not just advertise, but convert leads into revenue. This growing awareness has helped to reaffirm the importance of ‘Out of Home’ (OOH) media which plays an ever increasingly influential role in driving brand/event and consumer interactions.

Social Media or Traditional Media – ‘Out of Home’ (OOH) ads remain an essential inclusion in your yearly marketing mix!

Hannah, Gladstone QLD

We do business with Tayco through both Billboards and Airport Advertising and have developed a relationship that focuses on delivering outcomes and results. We cannot speak highly enough of the fantastic levels of service that they provide!


Justin, Goondiwindi QLD

Advertising is one thing, but return on investment through effective advertising is where our campaigns put us every time doing business with Tayco Outdoor Advertising!

jack, bundaberg qld

We have tried a lot of advertising, however when it comes to doing a campaign with Tayco it’s all about BIG impact for a minimal outlay. We been advertising with Tayco for over 5 years and we’re going to keep on keeping on. Good on you Tayco!

john, gympie qld

We looked at all the other outdoor media companies and when it came to value for money, prime locations and the ease of doing business with a company that knows local and rural businesses well… We couldn’t go past Tayco!

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